Eu posso perder isso?! Posso não.


Momento #amúsicaescolheapessoa do dia

"They call you Jezebel
You're going straight to hell
For wanted acts of sin - they say,
And that I'll have to pay
But I need you just this way


They say you never care for me


Open their eyes to the beauty

Open their hearts to the fun
Open their minds to the idea that you don't own someone

[Jezebel - Depeche Mode]

Vibe Depeche Mode mode ON

Momento #amúsicaescolheapessoa do dia

And thought the night is young
And we don't know if we'll live to see the sun

The best is yet to come

I know, you know
That we've only just begun
Through the highs and lows
And how can I live without you
You're such a part of me
And you've always been the one

Keeping me forever young
And the best is yet to come


Thinking of the times
How we laughed and cried
I wouldn't change a thing
I couldn't even if I tried
Through the wind and rain
The spirit of our song remains the same


Quem comprou o Sting in the Tail original, tá ouvindo sem parar e vai siacabar no show, de novo, levanta a mão o/

hard rock, minha vida!


Da série "descobertas extraordinárias"

Há três anos...

"Perdi a moral comigo mesma"

Hoje eu falo de perda de dignidade e pena de mim mesma, mas acho que dá no mesmo.